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Steve Beyler

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Landlord's Addresses (1)
9309 Russell Ave
Bloomington, MN 55431
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Landlord's Properties (1)
1205 Vilas Ave
Madison, WI 53715
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[01-Mar-2010] This guy's extremely irresponsible. The first thing that would indicate this is that he lives in Minnesota, while he's responsible for a unit in Madison, Wisconsin. Luckily for him, his parents also live in Madison, and they were the ones who ended up doing nearly all of the repairs and showings. And there were a lot of repairs too- my roommates and I had the furnace break on us a total of ten times during the winter we lived at 1205 Vilas. They tweaked around and got it back to working each time, but didn't replace the actual furnace until the final time it broke, when it flooded my basement bedroom, covering most of the floor and soaking the carpet. Guess after that they couldn't ignore the problem any longer.
Unbelievably, that wasn't the only flooding episode. Two more times after they had replaced the furnace I had water leaking in from cracks in the building's foundation or from backed-up pipes. The final incident was so severe that it caused a black mold infestation, whereupon Steve told me to "hang in there" until he could drive down to Madison and get it cleaned up. This was during the final week before spring break, and I had to wait until it was over to move my possessions back to my parents' house and clean all the mold off of them. They eventually fixed everything, but it was something that shouldn't have happened it all. What a great way to spend your spring break, right?
There were also issues regarding the legality of my room. Being in a basement, it legally needed to have a second possible exit in case of fire. Steve propped a stepladder right next to one of the basement windows, placed a hammer on the windowsill, and called it a second exit. Violation. I brought this up with him and he told me that the basement was never intended to be used as a bedroom, even though he clearly knew I was using it as such (And in fact, the previous occupants had used the basement as a bedroom). He then told me that the living room was supposed to be the bedroom instead, even though it lacked a door and a closet. (Apparently, this is actually legal according to the building inspector I checked with. It's just completely ridiculous). I was ordered to sleep upstairs in the living room so that they could cover themselves, now that Steve and his parents knew I knew they had been trying to deceive us. I moved back to my parents' house for the rest of my lease, and didn't get any money off my rent (I did, however, for the time I moved out while they replaced the moldy carpeting). He was nearly impossible to negotiate with, and kept mentioning how money was tight in his family, especially with his newborn baby. Let me get my world's smallest violin--I've seen the giant Lexus that his parents drive.
I had a building inspector come and investigate the stepladder-and-hammer second exit, and though he technically couldn't cite them for that issue (it only applied if the basement was being used as a bedroom, which Steve and his parents didn't recognize until it was to their convenience) the building inspector recognized a ton of other violations that needed to be repaired, although some were pretty minor. If you're currently living at 1205 Vilas, first of all, I'm really sorry for you, and secondly, please check up with a building inspector and see if he did get around to some of the repairs. I believe the porch off of the kitchen was supported by a crumbling, decrepit block of concrete at the time I lived there.
There are tons of terrible landlords in college towns like Madison, but I don't see how much worse you can get than Steve.
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