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Dave Kellems

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Landlord's Addresses (1)
8747 Mt. Hope Road
Harrison, NY 45030
Home: 513-505-4918
Home: 513-505-4918
Mobile: 513-505-4918
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Landlord's Properties (1)
401 E. Chestnut
Oxford, OH 45056
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[16-Nov-2011] This landlord was seriously the most disrespectful person ever. What ever you ask of him will come at a cost no matter what you're asking. He charges a shit ton to pick up trash (2 to 3 dollars for a cigarette). My family got a new grill and tried to give us their old one. When I talked to Dave and told him he could move his old one (it didn't work) he got furious for no reason. His grill didn't work and we were replacing, MAKING HIS HOUSE NICER and he STILL GOT MAD. We also gave him a dishwasher, still was very rude about us improving his house. You have to move in the Friday before classes start and by noon the Saturday after classes (this is also during graduation weekend, so good luck). He shows up to the house and complains about EVERYTHING. Oh, and he broke all of our tiki torches that were put in the yard around the deck. He made us move stuff out of rooms that he had in there when we moved in (double standard) He was hands down the least helpful, most difficult, disrespectful, jerk ever. If you can rent somewhere else, do it. He is not someone you want to do business with. Not to mention his houses are horribly overpriced.
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