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[31 Jul 2005] Welcome to ratemylandlord.com.

Wondering about the landlord who owns or manages the property you're about to rent? Want to provide some feedback on your current or prior landlord? This is the place.

The intent is for this site to be utilitarian; a place for you to add information about your past landlords so that others may benefit from your experiences, and a resource for you to use to learn about your potential landlord.

Odds are that every time you've rented an apartment you've been required to provide references to the landlord but haven't had the opportunity to check the landlord's references. Now you do.

This site depends primarily on the folks using it. It will only ever be as useful as the quality and quantity of data provided by its members.

If you're angry at your landlord then please wait a while before you rate them. Ratings or comments added while you're upset won't benefit anyone.

The privacy statement mentions the types of data collected at this site and how they are used. Please review the privacy statement and the site SPAM policy.

If you have ideas about what to do with the site, want to contribute to its design, are more design-oriented than black-and-white ;-), want to design a logo or a style sheet, have a suggestion for a feature, or have other comments or suggestions then please contact us.

[31 Jul 2005] In the mid-90s I was renting an apartment from a lady who was rather despicable. She presented my room-mate and I -- and the other folks who lived in the building -- with a variety of surprises: apartment inspections, requirements for professional window cleaning, furtively wiring the illegal in-law apartment into our circuit breaker, etc.

I have her to thank as the inspiration for what was originally dubbed the "Landlord Rating Service", but what subsequently became the site you're visiting today -- ratemylandlord.com.

Cheers, "Milda"!

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