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To help you better understand the search results, we have defined the relationships between some of the primary elements on the ratemylandlord.com website.

There are landlords, landlord addresses (a.k.a. addresses), and property addresses (a.k.a. properties).

  • A landlord may be a person, or it might be a management company or some other business entity. A landlord is the entity responsible for managing the property and is the point of contact for the tenant. A landlord may be, but does not necessarily have to be, the owner of the property.

  • Addresses are places where the landlord has resided. If a landlord is a business entity then the address will probably be the place of business.

  • Properties are places the landlord has managed; the rental properties.

Over time, a landlord may have lived several places (or conducted business from more than one place), so a landlord may have one or more addresses associated with them.

Over time, a landlord may have managed more than one property, so a landlord may have one ore more properties associated with them.

Properties change hands over time, so a property may have more than one landlord associated with it.

All of these relationships will become evident as you search for landlords or properties.

As a ratemylandlord.com member you will have the opportunity to rate landlords, add landlords, associate properties with landlords, associate landlords with properties, and watch landlords. If you need a free ratemylandlord.com account you can register here.

If you have questions about the data relationships, please contact us.

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