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Your current email address is required and must be in the form of user@example.com. We collect this data to facilitate your request for a ratemylandlord.com account. Review the FAQ for more specific information on the email which will be sent to you from ratemylandlord.com. The email address you provide here cannot be an address in the ratemylandlord.com domain. We may, from time-to-time, send you email to notify you of changes in your service. We may also send you other email, but only at your request (for example, if you add a landlord to the ratemylandlord.com database and request to be notified when that landlord has been approved.) If you are listing housing for rent, your email address may be included on the listings as a contact method, but that is at your discretion at the time you list the housing.

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If you intend to use your account to list housing for rent, then you must also provide your street address, city, country, and state and postal code, where applicable. You may also provide primary and mobile telephone numbers. We may use your address if we need to contact you regarding a housing listing. If you are listing housing for rent, your telephone number(s) may be included on the listings as a contact method, but that is at your discretion at the time you list the housing.

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